The Top 10 Blogs That Inspired Dayglobes


This site is founded on the principle that it is a ‘hub of inspirational activity’, a place where users can come and get enthused to view the world in a slightly grander way, for whatever reasons they need it.

I am inspired by many things, many times and many people. Most of all I am inspired by the feeling you get, that explosive rush of adrenaline, when you suddenly become excited for all of the times ahead.

It can happen through chance meetings, travel planning or just the realisation that ‘now is good’ and there’s an open book to be written.

This happened to me a few months ago when passing time on StumbleUpon. I found a site that opened a new door for me that has led directly to me writing this article right now.

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 So, with that in mind, I want to share with you the top 10 blogs that inspired me to start Dayglobes. Hopefully they will inspire you to create your own document, whatever form that may take.

#1 Living Bueno

This it the site that I Stumbled across. There are some really interesting articles regarding Ricks’ travels and philosophies, along with practical information on how to find the cheapest ways to travel.  What intrigued me most was the personal aspect – the site is based upon his experiences, as opposed to merely regurgitating facts. His ‘game changers’ section also led me to many of the following sites.

#2 Exile Lifestyle

Colin Wright is an author/traveller who changes his location every 4 months depending on the number of votes a destination receives on this site. He documents his experiences by way of travelogues and philosophical snippets. The site has a very healthy archive consisting of his unique and refreshing outlooks. Highly recommended.

#3 Leaving Work Behind

This site has been my teacher. I started with very little knowledge regarding the building of a blog, from the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org to what ‘plugins’ were and how to utilise them. There’s a wealth of great material here if you are looking to start your own site, or if you are excited by the notion of leaving your job and working for yourself.

#4 Live Your Legend

This is perhaps one of the most prolific inspirational sites I have ever seen. The wealth of information you receive when you sign up to the newsletter is pretty amazing to say the least, and Scott’s Tedx talks are a necessary watch to anyone who is reading this site.

#5 Location 180

Sean’s insistence in the power of a blog is insatiable. He champions a blog as a communications tool in addition to an information outlet. There is also some great posts regarding blog structure and building your online community. Excellent work.

#6 Smart Passive Income

This might well be the daddy of informative blogs with regards to building web presence. Pat’s site is a foundation built with articles, videos and podcasts that will have you brainstorming your personal revolution within seconds. His ethos here is to be completely honest in his successes and his failures in order to build trust with the reader, which has resulted in his authority in this field. His  personable nature makes for a very user-friendly experience.

#7 Elephant Journal

This is a great site where you can read inspirational articles from a wealth of writers on all manner of subjects. There’s sections for ‘Yoga’, ‘Culture’, ‘Work and Money’, ‘Adventure’ and many more. I had my first article, ‘10 things I’ve learned from Jack Kerouac‘, published here.

#8 The Travelling Writer

This is another great travelling blog. Writer Alexis Grant writes articles that help you live the life you want to live whilst keeping you up to date with her own travels. Again, her personality on the page makes for a more communicative read.

#9 Get Busy Living

Based on the ‘Shawshank’ principle that you’d better ‘get busy living, or get busy dying’ – Benny Hsu’s blog is an ‘in your face’, ‘get out there and do it’ sort of site. Articles built on both inspiring words and practical hints. I check back to it often.

#10 The Art of Non Conformity 

Chris Guillebeau’s blog is a one stop shop for all you need to know if you are looking to change your lifestyle. There are unconventional guides to living, books to buy/download, articles that cover everything from travel to business strategies, a travel hacking cartel and coverage of his quest to visit every country in the world by his 35th birthday! It’s a busy blog. Get to it!


So there you go – the 10 sites that inspired me to start Dayglobes. 10 sites that, I hope, will inspire you to start your own project. It doesn’t have to be a blog, but something that is yours, for you to build on, and to see where it leads. Make sure to drop me a mail with whatever projects you take up…


What have I missed out? Can you recommend any great blogs/websites that have inspired you in some way? Drop a comment below and spread the word!



Hi, my name is Sion Lidster. I am a fan and freelancer of all things wordy, currently residing in the mountains of South Wales. I am the editor of Dayglobes.com – an online publication of inspirational activity.

I also design and build websites.

Indoors I am a tech geek and project nerd. Outside I like nothing more than packing a suitcase gearing up for the next adventure. I am looking to make the best of times with my fiancée, friends and family from now until I’m too late!

You can contact me through sionlidster@dayglobes.com, through Facebook or by visiting sionlidster.com

Have the best day yet…

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  1. Benny

    Thanks so much! When I was just starting AONC and SPI were two blogs that really inspired me. They still inspire me today! I’m glad my blog helped you get this blog started. :)

    1. Sion Lidster

      Hey! No problem at all! You have a great site there… catch you soon!

  2. Alexis Grant

    Thanks for including me here! Off to check off Benny’s blog next :)

    1. Sion Lidster

      No problem Alexis! Hope you enjoyed Benny’s blog, there’s some great articles on there…

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